What is Keeping the Faith–Transitions Program?

Behind Keeping the Faith–The Prison Project is the idea that the act of performance mimics important skills necessary to succeed on the ‘outside.’ After extensive work with women on the ‘inside,’ Company Director Pat Graney envisioned a program that would guide women transitioning out of prison to fully realize and utilize those skills. The first classes of KTF–Transitions began in July 2008, with sponsorship help from Seattle University, to assist women to successfully transition from prison to community using the format developed over 15 years on the inside.

In our first year, we contacted 43 female ex-offenders and had 28 people attend Transitions classes. Participants in KTF–Transitions gave their first of six public readings at Bumbershoot in August 2008. In addition to offering self-expository writing classes weekly at Seattle University, we also offer classes at Helen B. Ratcliffe House, Seattle's work release facility for female ex-offenders.

KTF–Transitions is working on a website for female ex-offenders in Washington State that gives them direct links to services such as housing, counseling, addiction services, domestic violence information support, info on food stamps and other community support and cultural support services.

Help Support Keeping the Faith

Keeping the Faith–Transitions picks up where KTF–The Prison Project left off—helping women to make that important transition to their communities and to reunite with their children and families.

A $50 donation can support one person to attend a full term of expository writing classes, get the support from peers who are staying out of prison, and get important links to services and cultural events in their communities.

Keeping in Touch

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